Mrkt 3311 Formal Intro

MRKT 3311 Digital Marketing

First and foremost, please allow me to re-introduce myself in writing.  The drawing in class of a sun and arrows pointing downwards just wasn’t good enough. Haha. Well most of my friends call me Ray, only my parents call me Raymond, but I am okay with both.  I am currently a 3rd/4th year BBAMM student. I had to bridge my diploma to get to this point, so if there was an economics diploma, I guess I would receive that. I have done quite a few marketing courses as electives though, and do hold a special interest to this program.  I was elated when I heard about the marketing program because I am passionate about Sales/Marketing/Communication.

In the current semester, I will be taking 3 third year Mrkt courses (Digital/Metrics/Mrkt Comm) and 1 forth year Entr course (Leadership). Thereafter I will only have 4 courses (practicum included) remaining to complete my BBAMM degree.  I look forward to hear from some of you how the practicum will be following next semester. (have fun being guinea pigs, I know I did when I enrolled in mrkt 4177 in the summer)

I’m excited about the content that we will be learning from this course.  We are consumed by digital marketing on a daily basis and it is extremely important as marketers to keep ourselves updated and aware. I spend at least an hr a day surfing social media, although it does more harm than good to my productivity.  Therefore,  I am grateful this course will incorporate both, allowing me to surf & work “hopefully”.  Aside from school, I do currently hold a part-time position at KPU-KSA.  Well I’m technically employed by Gallivan & Associates, who are responsible for your student Health and Dental Plan.  If you ever have any questions regarding your H&D Plan, please feel free to approach me and ask.

Well… It might seem like I spend majority of my time on campus and is consumed by my course load, but I do find time for leisure.  Some of my interests are sports, working out, music, food, video games, local nightlife, and hanging out with my friends.

This should be enough information for you to work with and I look forward to working with everyone in mrkt 3311


Twitter handle: RayWMLam


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