Portal for Consumer Trends

MRKT 3311 Digital Marketing is a superb resource to keep you up to date with the latest marketing trends.  Thanks to marketers are presented with information about where consumers and businesses are heading. is an independent and opinionated trend firm.  All of the latest consumer trends are reported in a monthly newsletter.  Each consumer trend is dissected and pleasantly descriptive.   One might wonder how these consumer trends are tracked and determined, well, this is done by the 800+ trend spotters in more than 100 countries.    There are dedicated trend spotting teams from around the globe who scans up to 300 business sources on a daily basis, tracking the latest consumer trends and spotting innovations from brands that are successfully applying these trends, across all major industries.  There resources are all mainstream media accredited.  There trend thinking gets picked up by major international publications such as the New York Times, The Economist and CNN. is also published in 20 other different languages.

Their consumer trends focuses on how consumers behave, consumer preferences are changing and to prepare for, or benefit as a brand from these changes.  Every trend is categorized, labeled, and ranked according to each month.  At the end of each year, a report is posted regarding the top 10 trends in that year.

As soon to be professional marketers, I highly recommend to help you stay current on consumer trends from around the world.  Not every marketing trend is mainstream, therefore this website is a great resource to help you identify and take notice.




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