OMG What Happened… Pt II

MRKT 3311 Digital Marketing

3 Additional Points from OMG What Happened

1)      On-Demand Society

The modern consumer is well informed and demands instantaneous results. Digitalization has created a society where consumers are accustomed to easily accessible goods and services from the click of a mouse. As a modern consumer, I do see myself demanding immediate results. I find myself being impatient when a product on a website is unavailable or if the online checkout takes longer than 2 minutes.  Websites must be accessible, shareable, and user friendly. Since direct customer service no longer exist, this is the least consumers can expect.

The internet has provided us with a multitude of choices and freedom to information. There is so much information available to us that it would take the average surfer an eternity to sift through. That is why, we rely on what our friends refer and share with us.

2)      Viral Campaigns

Viral marketing has sprung in to an industry of its own.  The pace at which information is spread through social media and digital media has allowed users and agencies to distribute infectious content at the click of a mouse.  Essentially, viral campaigns can be transmitted around the world quicker than traditional mediums. The potential may seem endless, but the difficulty is for most companies are define the trend and making their campaigns viral.

The internet is somewhat of a strange environment. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific audience and could take a company a considerable amount of time to understand what is trending or not. The lifeline of a trend could be short-lived or everlasting. Nonetheless, the opportunity for a brand to gain instant popularity outweighs any potential risk associated.

Based on our e-book reading, there are several insights drawn. An ideal campaign needs to be edgy, surprising, original, thought-provoking, emotional, and most importantly taps into popular culture.

3)      Characteristics of a 3.0 website

  • Serve the On-Demand
  • Accessible
  • Mixable
  • Shareable
  • Status Updates
  • Personal
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Digitalize Everything
  • Simple Idea Behind The Story
  • Banners Ads

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