Kemp Edmonds- Hootsuite Extraordinaire

BBA Marketing Management, MRKT 3211 Marketing Communication, MRKT 3240 Marketing Info Mgmt, MRKT 3311 Digital Marketing

Fellow BBAMM students were once again treated to another wonderful presentation by a social media expert.  Mr. Kemp Edmonds is an online guru specializing in technology, education, and community.  Kemp Edmonds is currently a Part time Social Media Educator at BCIT, a Legal Internet Consultant at, and Enterprise Training and Client Success Consultant at Hootsuite Media Inc.  Throughout the presentation, Kemp kept the crowd engaged, sharing with us his insights regarding Hootsuite – a Vancouver startup and giving away free Hootsuite swag.  His passion for social media was reflected in his presentation.  He told us to seek out the same level of passion in our own endeavors.  Not only should we become influencers online, but become influencers in our communities.

Social Media and Customer Service

Social media as defined by Kemp is about “generating revenue through solid marketing and stellar customer service, just like it’s been since the beginning of time.”  Just because the channel and delivery has changed does not mean we change the way we conduct business with people.  There is so much potential for businesses and social media.  The obvious difference is the level of reach you can achieve, but successful integration is defined by the VALUE you have created, and the RELATIONSHIP you continue to develop.  Social media allows us to listen, respond, and engage.  Business should continue to focus on customer service and the example Kemp gave regarding the “Hilton” hotels was brilliant.  In brief, Hilton would use Twitter to search for hash tags of their competitors, and if a customer has a question, Hilton reps would be the first to respond to their inquiries.  This strategy helps Hilton in the following ways:

  1. Exceed customer expectation
  2. Positive brand perception
  3. Generates awareness for Hilton brand

Hilton has exceeding customer expectation by going above and beyond to serve the needs of their market.  The company has done an exceptional job making social media a high priority.  In other words Hilton has represented the human aspects on social media.  The business can share information about services and products, but can also incorporate their employees, funny situations, life, etc.

Kemp continued his presentation by expressing several important principles for us to consider.  Businesses should always under promise and over deliver.  This is the simplest formula for success. Expectations are set at a standard in which companies can achieve, but this flexibility allows them to exceed customer expectations.  Kemp also mentioned the 80/20 rule – “The Pareto Rule”, where he defines it as 80% of your efforts should be directed at your product and service, and the remaining 20% should be personalizing your brand.  Kemp reiterated the importance of indicating the VALUE of your product and service rather than over personalizing your brand.  Consumers aren’t interested in how well you “pitch” your brand, but instead in the value they will receive from your product/service.  Don’t ever over-personalize your brand!  It does not make your business seem genuine.  Finally, Kemp recommended that businesses, aspiring entrepreneur and marketers should outline a minimum of 5 ways to create value for your customer and their lifestyle. That’s some food for thought to leave us with to ponder.

Please stay tune for Pt. 2 of Kemp Edmond’s presentation.  There was just so much information he provided us with, I can’t manage to fit it all in one blog.  I have also linked his presentation online from ( ).  There will also be a recording of his presentation available on . Follow their blog for future speakers sessions.


2 thoughts on “Kemp Edmonds- Hootsuite Extraordinaire

  1. Nice summary, Ray–it was worth the wait! I like the heading (a couple more would’ve been great!). I think that 80/20 rule struck a chord with a lot of students–a great rule of thumb. I’d like to hear your thoughts on ‘over-personalizing’ your brand’. Define it for me and add your thoughts or examples to it.

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