Gary Vaynerchuk: Crush It Book Review

MRKT 3311 Digital Marketing

I recently finished reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s (@garyvee) first book titled “Crush It! Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion”.  At  first I was somewhat skeptical about the content based on the title, it felt like I would be reading some self-help  book.  I have to admit I was guilty of the idiom. This book was more about personal branding, online marketing, and impromptu promotional strategies.  He speaks passionately about how people should determine what truly makes them happy and pursue monetizing around it on the internet.

Gary Vaynerchuk built his multi-million dollar business through strategically implementing social media into his branding.  He argues that recent social and technological trends have decreased the cost of producing content online.  He defines the contributing factors of his success to Passion, Knowledge, and Effort.  Gary is masterful in his story telling abilities, and his energy is contagious.  “This is the time we should all live our passion and work the social networking tools to the max.”

As I’ve previously mentioned the topic of personal branding in my last blog, I will share with you what I’ve learnt from Gary’s book. The current business environment no longer seeks out the ordinary.  Staying ahead of the game requires us to establish our digital footprint and ditch the traditional way of conducting business.  Personal branding starts with defining and conveying your passion.  The one idea that you are most passionate about, and most unique to you.  Once you have clearly defined your passion then the interaction and reputation stage begins. (This is the fun part)

By now, we are experienced with social networking, but personal online branding requires a different set of standards.  Let’s begin with lesson #1: Authenticity

  • The online audience can sense BS from a million miles away
  • Genuine authenticity is refreshing
  • Establish a personal relationship with your audience, even if they are a million miles away
  • Speak from the heart, be raw and imperfect
  • Transparency let your audience know your intentions

I can’t stress how important authenticity is.  No one likes to hear sales pitches or endless self-promotions.  Create a bond with other professionals in your field and learn from their perspectives.  Start sharing your passion by choosing several online forums that is best suited to your personality.  Create a blog, vlog, podcast, webinar perhaps.  Be as charismatic as you can be.  Share your personal stories and experiences.

Personal branding is a marathon.  It’ll require hard work and dedication.  Even if you share the same passion with others, you can still differentiate yourself.  Keep staying current, and learn as much as you possibly can. We are all AMBITIOUS and PASSIONATE about something, so get in the game.


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