MRKT 4160 Business Development E-Portfolio


There are so many elements to business development, but I believe none is more important than the project our class completed on global culture and business etiquette. The negotiations role play helped us understand the cultural element in conducting business. The effects of globalization will surely allow soon to be graduates to conduct business with another country in the near future. Therefore it was important for students to immerse themselves in both the country they have chosen to represent and the research they have provided.

I believe this research project is the most ideal for my e-portfolio because it demonstrates my understanding of cross cultural business etiquette. This exercise also shows the level of primary and secondary research my team and I had conducted in order to partake in this negotiate process with utmost professionalism.

Throughout the professional sales negotiation process, I was given the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the following essential skills:

  • Creative and critical thinking
    • Analyzing the case provided and the cultural represented by the other party.
    • Adapting to on the spot changes and hurdles during the negotiation process
    • Developing a negotiation “game plan” prior to our meeting
  • Oral Skills
    • Conducting business negotiations in a professional manner
    • Delivering an informational presentation on the culture my team represented
    • Role playing to emphasize certain important elements in our presentation
  • Teamwork
    • Working cohesively while developing our negotiation strategies
    • Building consensus
    • Ability to work under pressure, as teams were only provided a limited amount of time to present and brief the class after the negotiation process.

I believe this exercise has provided me with some practical experience to take to my future employer. This exercise has helped me strengthen my development in understanding global influences and cross cultural business practices that will influence any social and business interaction.


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